Delivering value through quality software and processes.

We create products, values, and experiences for tech companies.


Adding value to your business

We help your business to deliver better customer and employee experiences.

Agile for Software Projects

Test the agility of your teams and learn how to increase the value of your projects.

Technical Workshops

We teach new languages and frameworks, so your teams can focus on what matters most.

Quality Assurance

We identify why your projects lose quality and help to get back on track.

Our workshops are currently fully booked. Contact us for more information and to schedule a meeting for further details.

How we work

Our work is measurable

You will benefit from our transparent 3-step process: Analyze, Improve, Measure (AIM) — most of our workshops start with an employee survey that includes all involved managers. Then, you will get the results in a presentational form that summarizes the state of your teams. From there, we will discuss possible improvements, help you to implement them, and measure the changes. After that, we will hand out further recommendations on how to improve from there. The details of the process depend on the workshop you choose.

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